About Swiftrak

Swiftrak - complete peace of mind in one very simple transaction

According to Interpol statistics a vehicle is stolen in Europe every 20 seconds... that's nearly 1,000 vehicles per day in the UK alone. 50% of those vehicles are never recovered...

To combat that trend, insurance companies are insisting that high value and high performance vehicles are fitted with vehicle track and recover technology; and even if your insurance company doesn't mandate installation of the technology attractive premium discounts are still offered - saving you money.

Nationwide Tracking

Using the latest GPS, mobile phone and motion sensing technology, implanted deep in the heart of your vehicle, we are committed to helping you to recover your stolen vehicle.

Peace Of Mind

Swiftrak ensures your vehicle is covered 24/7 and will immediately alert the dedicated Control Centre to provide the exact location of your vehicle 365 days of the year.

Full Support

The Control Centre (which is manned 24 hours per day and 365 days a year) will immediately contact the local Police and liaise with them until your vehicle has been recovered.

Insurance Approved

Swiftrak is an insurance and Thatcham approved security product, which may enable a discount on your insurance premium.