How does it work?

Using the latest global positioning, mobile phone and motion sensing technology, implanted deep in the heart of your vehicle Swiftrak is committed to helping in the recovery of your stolen vehicle and stopping thieves in their tracks.

Swiftrak protects you in two ways:

Proactively - By recognizing unauthorised or illegal movement of your vehicle via its motion sensing technology – it has been towed away for example.

Reactively - Once you've confirmed the vehicle theft, the swiftrak Secure Control Centre* will activate live track and will work directly with the police to quickly recover your vehicle.

All Swiftrak units include battery back-up protection for up to one month in the event of the vehicles main battery being removed.

Swiftrak ensures your vehicle is covered 24/7 and will immediately alert the Secure Control Centre to provide the exact location of your vehicle 365 days of the year – the Control Centre is manned 24 hours per day every day of the year.

Four simple steps to the swift recovery of your vehicle:

1. Notify
In the event of your vehicle being stolen, notify the Police immediately and ensure that you obtain a crime reference number.

2. Inform
Call the Swiftrak Secure Control Centre on 0800 023 8960 and inform is of the case and provide us with the crime reference number.

3. Locate
The Swiftrak Secure Control Centre will begin to live track and locate your vehicle.

4. Recover
The Police will recover and return your vehicle to you.